A Christmas baking recap.

I love the holidays. But at the same time they can be challenging. Last week I set off for home with a twinkle in my eye about the four days of rest, relaxation, cocktail parties, presents and time with family I was going to enjoy. In truth, I didn’t sit down for four days.

My Christmas vacation was full of said parties, gifts and family but also a blur of errands, baking and post-Christmas shopping. (Have to stock up on wrapping paper and bows for next year! Even if it’s snowing!) Weirdly enough, it did snow … at Hilton Head Island of all places. That’s especially rare since most years I’m wearing short sleeves on Christmas Day in 70s-degree weather while grumbling about how it needs to be colder. I got my wish this year.

Anyhoo, about the baking. I crossed off a few culinary challenges from my list and added some new items to my repertoire, including: Keep reading »


Recipe Roundup: Cookies, Shells and Stew

The latest issue of GOOP out this week highlights a top-10 list of favorite food bloggers. Thanks, Gwyneth! I’d already loaded my Google Reader with blogs of food writers and home cooks I found through word of mouth — they share their recipes, entertain me with their witticisms and give me inspiration for trying new foods or improving on my standards. After reading the GOOP list, I’ve tripled my blog reading list … which is going to reflect well on work productivity, I’m sure.

I’ve relied heavily on my regular food bloggers this week for ideas, so I need to highly recommend some new dishes to add to your repertoire. Keep reading »

Obsessions: Google Reader

Here’s what I’m obsessed with this week:

Google Reader.

It’s not a new obsession, but it’s one of which I’ve been especially appreciative this week.

Last fall, I discovered Pioneer Woman on a coworker’s recommendation. I read most of the site in about a week (not much work was done, as you can imagine). But I found it hard to keep up with visiting her site via bookmark every day. I was missing very important, life-changing, world-altering updates! Well, not really. Mostly I was missing out on some really good prize giveaways.

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Back to the grind.

I started school this week. Ugh. For those of you keeping track, that’s six semesters down, four (?) to go.

As you can see in my previous post, I made good use of my summer vacation, though I lost that extra week in a jet-lag fog. I wasn’t ready at all to go back, but my first class this semester wasn’t such a slap in the face as most. The term is still young, though.

I’ll be struggling through finance this time, and we all know I haven’t a head for numbers. It will be quite interesting … so friends and family should beware my mental state during all interactions. My friend A is determined to implement a post-class drinking club once a week, so that should soften the blow.

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