Culinary Cousins: A Taste of Scotland

Today over at Culinary Cousins, I’m extolling the virtues of Scottish food. Yes! There are some! And, okay, I still can’t stop talking about Outlander.

Y’all. It’s so good.

Read all about it: Dinner Party: A Taste of Scotland

Scottish Highlands | Culinary Cousins


Navigating the summer slump.

Hi. My name is Whitney, and I am a TV addict.

I’ve been one all my life, since the days of bingeing “Fraggle Rock” and “Scooby Doo” while sprawled on ’70s-era shag carpeting. When you had to get up and turn the dial to change a channel. Before TVs were flat or hung on walls.

It’s true. This is one of my earliest memories:

Somehow, I even ended up in a job that’s TV-adjacent. So I get paid to talk about TV and entertainment all day, like a kid in a candy store.

Since we’re now in those dog days of summer — the TV slump before fall premieres, when good TV is hard to come by — I’m often asked what I’m watching. People are looking for ideas. Luckily, I’ve found some! Continue reading

The white stuff will kill you.

I went to my doctor’s office a few weeks ago, just for my annual checkup.

I’m sitting there, unclothed and shivering in my flimsy gown on the crinkly piece of protective paper. The usual awkward, sterile experience. All of a sudden, my doctor rushes into the room in a gust of hostile energy. “I’m sick and tired of everyone becoming borderline diabetic,” she rants. “We’ve got to eat better! It’s the white stuff that’s going to kill us!” Continue reading

Monday Musings: On being late to the party.

orphan black

Happy Monday, all.

I know I’m way late to the party, but I’ve just discovered Orphan Black. Sci-fi is usually not my bag, but I kept seeing ads and hearing raves about this show. Plus, I heart BBC America. So I watched the first episode on demand and … I’m hooked. It may have been a nice, sunny weekend, but I don’t know because I was on my couch bingeing 16 episodes of Orphan Black. Continue reading

Trip Bits: After it’s all over

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Departing my last three international excursions, I’ve carried home a particular present: illness. I seem to have a knack for it.

Usually it comes to me on the last day, right before I’m about to get on a long, overnight, international flight from which there is no escape for 6+ hours. And at high altitudes in a cramped space with 300 other people is just where you want to be with an achy body and a stuffy head.

But it’s (sort of) my own fault. I pick vacations where I’m going to run hard and hardly sleep. No lollygagging on a tropical beach — there’s too much to see! to buy! to eat! Continue reading

Trip Bits: Around and about

Read the whole Trip Bits series.

I’m getting to the age where I’m okay with investing in quality items that may cost more but are going to last. Travel bags are no different. Before London, I bought a cross-body bag at Target that was big enough to haul the camera, my notebook and other necessities while out in the city all day. But it fell apart on like the third day. And that was fine, since it was $20. Well, not fine. But not unexpected, I guess.

Then I started reading Aspiring Kennedy — which documents Lauren’s life and times in London, her travels across Europe and more. When she endorsed Ellington bags, I was intrigued. Plus, she offered a giveaway!

Like Lauren, I bought both the Mia crossbody purse and folding tote. And got the “extra” wallet in green. When they all arrived, I opened the box and out wafted the most delicious aroma. Leather. Real, creamy leather. The olive color is subdued but rich, with silky yet durable fabric. I used both bags every day of our trip to Israel. Every day.

Mia folding tote in Olive

Mia folding tote in Olive

Mia crossbody tote

Mia crossbody purse in Olive

The crossbody was the perfect size to sling over myself and still be able to wend my way through tight crowds. (Though it wasn’t quite big enough to fit my Canon Rebel DSLR camera). The folding tote was my backup bag to hold the camera, the day’s purchases, snacks, etc. Since we were on a bus, it worked — I could bring the larger bag but leave it behind for each excursion. If I was city traveling, I would just upgrade to the folding tote for all-day outings, when you need a larger, catch-all bag.

I’m a big fan.


With my Mia crossbody purse, on the Sea of Galilee. I’m actually on the shore, not standing in the water, promise. I leave that to Jesus.

On a day of sightseeing, my camera and I are attached at the hip. The problem is that I’m still learning how to use it. I’m not so savvy with a camera, even though I’m learning, with practice, to improve my picture taking. iPhones and other smartphones — even iPads! — take great pictures now, but I still feel so professional and artsy with my big, fancy camera. Though I’m not sure its picture quality is any better than some of the good point-and-shoots out today.

I went to a photography class recently, and they swore by lens hoods. I already have a UV filter on my lens, but off I went to dutifully find a lens hood cover. I’d been warned that they were expensive, but I found a plethora on Amazon for under $10. Most of those are even rubberized and collapsible. So, I bought the $6.99 version hoping it would be easy to pack and carry.


I can’t tell much difference. (But keep in mind that I have no idea what I’m doing.) The first day all was going well, until I noticed the hood cover at full extension was corrupting all my pictures. I slid it back, but I still have soft, dark spots lingering in the corners of some of my photos. (Even when I removed the hood cover completely. Hmph.)


Photography people: weigh in here. Are these hood covers really the end-all-be-all in picture taking? Inquiring minds need to know, for next time.

Leave your comments below.

Coming tomorrow: Trip Bits for when it’s all over. Read the whole Trip Bits series.

Trip Bits: Before you go


I am a self-diagnosed “super planner.” I love making lists and scheduling things. If you want to have dinner on April 5, 2015, I will dutifully mark it in my paper pocket calendar and will see you then. Because I must. touch. paper. I can’t hang with that digital, smartphoney stuff.

When I’m about to travel, I savor researching the local sightseeing or dining options and putting all the details together.

Yes, my friends find my zest for itineraries kind of ridicul … charming. Yes, I wanted to be a travel agent in high school. And, no, that dream is not yet dead. (Remember the time I found my people?)

So I was intrigued to read this article:

Read: What a Great Trip! And I’m Not Even There Yet

I get the idea. That sometimes the fun is in the planning, before the headaches of delayed, long and cramped travel, annoying vacation partners or destination disappointments.

I’ve experienced all of those on one trip or another, but I’ve been decently lucky. My travels have been smooth, fun and memorable, even with minor hiccups and setbacks. I can roll with the punches. (But I’ve not yet been bitten by a shark.) Continue reading

Summertime, and the travelin’ is easy.

Y’all. I’m back from a whirlwind trip to the other side of the world.

Well, actually, I’ve been home for three weeks, but I’m only now — just. now. — recovering from the vacation exhaustion/jetlag/end-of-trip cold. (Plus, I had a little birthday in there that set me back a couple of days.)

[You’re not dreaming, either. South & Sundry got a little makeover while we were gone, only because I get bored with these things. Hey, spice of life.]

Our trip — to Israel, for those of you who didn’t get my hint or aren’t following along on Instagram — was magical. Sun-kissed. Blessed. Mile-a-minute. Profound. So fun. Dare I say, easy? Continue reading