Reflections of the way life used to be.

I have just realized, as we head toward Christmas and another turn of the year, that 2011 has been quite a transitional year. Most of my pursuits and priorities in December were actually unfathomable to me back in January.

I mean, Oliver joined me in March.

I went to South Africa in May — and if you had told me that I would cross the equator twice to Australia and South Africa in one calendar year, I would have rolled my eyes at you.

I got a new job in July.

Then a couple of weeks ago I (finally) finished my MBA after 3+ years of nose to the grindstone and personal sacrifices. I will desperately miss the learning and the family I found there … but maybe not for a few more months.
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Project runaway.

I ran away from home last weekend.

This semester I’m responsible for reading 80 pages of finance text every week, calculating homework problems, plus reading 3-5 management articles and answering short answer homework on those.


We began plotting an escape to the beach at the beginning of the week, even though it’s far past summer and the weather has turned chilly. I begged out of class early on Thursday, and I can work remotely from anywhere. So luckily, our plan went off without a hitch. Keep reading »

Back to the grind.

I started school this week. Ugh. For those of you keeping track, that’s six semesters down, four (?) to go.

As you can see in my previous post, I made good use of my summer vacation, though I lost that extra week in a jet-lag fog. I wasn’t ready at all to go back, but my first class this semester wasn’t such a slap in the face as most. The term is still young, though.

I’ll be struggling through finance this time, and we all know I haven’t a head for numbers. It will be quite interesting … so friends and family should beware my mental state during all interactions. My friend A is determined to implement a post-class drinking club once a week, so that should soften the blow.

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