Reveling in my happy place.

It’s January, and Oliver and I are wrapping up our last day at the beach. That may sound pretty incongruous, to spend a winter weekend at a summer destination. But this beach, not just any beach, is my happy place.

Sure, I’ve spent every minute huddled inside, save for an hour-long walk in the sun a few days ago, but that’s what makes it the most relaxing place I know. It’s quiet even at the height of the summer season, which to many would be quite boring. I find that I don’t rest and relax at home simply because there’s always something to do. When I find myself elsewhere, with no projects or places to go, I truly let my hair down. And that’s just good for the soul. Plus, where there is no obvious fun, you can bring your own.
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Project runaway.

I ran away from home last weekend.

This semester I’m responsible for reading 80 pages of finance text every week, calculating homework problems, plus reading 3-5 management articles and answering short answer homework on those.


We began plotting an escape to the beach at the beginning of the week, even though it’s far past summer and the weather has turned chilly. I begged out of class early on Thursday, and I can work remotely from anywhere. So luckily, our plan went off without a hitch. Keep reading »