Obsessions: Google Reader

Here’s what I’m obsessed with this week:

Google Reader.

It’s not a new obsession, but it’s one of which I’ve been especially appreciative this week.

Last fall, I discovered Pioneer Woman on a coworker’s recommendation. I read most of the site in about a week (not much work was done, as you can imagine). But I found it hard to keep up with visiting her site via bookmark every day. I was missing very important, life-changing, world-altering updates! Well, not really. Mostly I was missing out on some really good prize giveaways.

My coworker is a foodie like I am, and we talk endlessly about food and cooking and eating and baking. We talk about it much more than we actually do it, but it keeps us going in an otherwise challenging environment. She shared with me several other blogs — Orangette! Bakerella! Tartelette! Smitten Kitchen! — that the fellow food-obsessed would enjoy. I was overwhelmed.

I had never really read blogs before — well, maybe a few TV sites that I was conditioned to visit every week. But nothing in the everyday-Joe blogging universe. Then my coworker clued me into a little thing called Google Reader … that link right at the top of my Gmail that pretty much changed my world. I load all of my blog subscriptions into it, and I can read them all in one place.


Except now I spend about 5.5 hours of my day catching up on what’s happening in the blogosphere.

But it would be many more without Google Reader, I’m sure. And I wouldn’t be nearly so well informed.


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