Stick to your ribs.

When it’s cold and gloomy outside, I need comfort food. The stick to your ribs kind of fare.

My go-to as of late is this beef stew, which I make all the time. You can’t beat a dish that allows you to throw some meat and chopped vegetables in a pot, pour a bottle of wine over it and then forget it for a couple of hours. (It would probably do really well in a crock pot, though I haven’t tried that yet.)

This recipe is a little different, because of itsĀ surprise ingredient — barley. I know, I know. That sounds totally weird, but it’s delicious. And you can feel healthy about eating your whole grains, right? The original recipe called for a topping of potatoes, but I like roasting them separately. Or serving it with mashed potatoes.

Enjoy, and stay warm out there! Keep reading Ā»