Monday Musings: On cheap chocolate and bad grammar.

Some things on my mind this Monday:

Life is too short to eat crappy, drugstore chocolate. So splurge on your Valentine!

My job falls somewhat in the realm of public relations, so I read the PR Daily newsletter, well, daily. I was relieved to see this story call out all the made up words we use. Nothing makes my skin crawl like hearing someone say “supposably,” “irregardless” or “orientate.” I’m glad to know I’m not alone.

I can’t get enough of Mindy Kaling’s “The Mindy Project.” Every episode is laugh-out-loud hilarious. So go watch it, because if it is canceled, I will cry. FOX, Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. (But not this week, since the president’s on.)

Whoever thought to serve a full menu of food and alcohol at the movie theater is a genius.

Lastly, an update on my musing about Girl Scout cookies last week. Apparently the name of the cookie depends on the bakery they come from. My boss was an equal opportunity orderer this year from multiple Girl Scouts, so he has boxes of both “Dosidos” and “Peanut Butter Sandwich” cookies. I think that only makes it more weird, no?

On my high horse.

Today, I just learned as it comes to a close, is National Grammar Day!

If I’d known earlier, I would have thrown a celebration. With cake. And cocktails. And toasts to the few who get it right. Remember back when Facebook had a group called “I judge you when you use poor grammar”? Well, I do. Judge you, that is.

About 97% of my job on any given day is to edit other people’s writing, to catch typos, correct spelling and make the written word sound as smooth, intelligent and consistent as possible. I see a lot of carnage. At those times, I bless my librarian mother, my English-teaching grandmother and my mean-old journalism professors who gave no mercy when I violated the King’s English. It was brutal, yet effective, training.
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