Monday Musings: On inherited talents and hilarious TV.

Good Monday, all.

It’s a new year, and I haven’t gotten any better at this blogging thing. I tell myself it’s because I’m too busy or not disciplined enough. Turns out, it’s my parents’ fault. Procrastination has always been my greatest talent. Thanks, Mom and Dad.


I hope you all had a happy, restful, joyful, chocolate-ridden Easter. The no-sugar cleanse starts tomorrow, right?  Something about spring — the appearance of budding flowers, bright strawberries and spindly asparagus, and the weather turning (hopefully staying!) warmer — makes me think more about light, healthy eating. Jessica sent me one of her handy meal plans, but I just need to get on the ball. See “procrastination,” above.

On the homefront, it’s been an odd couple of weeks. First, an opossum stole my house key. Now I have squirrels living in my attic. These are the joys of home ownership, people. (And city living, apparently.) 

I just have to tell you about my new favorite TV show. And, oh, are you going to be embarrassed for me. It’s not Game of Thrones or House of Cards or anything normal. It’s this. I stumbled on it one night when I left the TV on. But, boy howdy, it’s hi-larious. Or maybe I just needed a few deep, soul-shaking laughs. Try it for yourself, and see.

Among my favorites, The People watch:

Southern Charm (also my recent guilty pleasure)  |  RuPaul’s Drag Race  |  Online Dating Rituals

Have a good week, kids.



One thought on “Monday Musings: On inherited talents and hilarious TV.

  1. Angie Myers says:

    My current guilty pleasures ARE House of Cards and Game of Thrones…but I’ll have to check that one out too 🙂 If I win the lottery I’m so getting a personal chef too!

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