Monday Musings: On just dropping by.

Good Monday, all.

I’m just dropping by, since that’s all I seem capable of these days. But these few random musings I felt compelled to share.


A couple of years ago, I had the good fortune to travel to South Africa, a life-changing experience. I never thought I would go to Africa — I never felt its calling, as some do. That is until I went. South Africa is a fascinating, devastating, infuriating, inspiring country, and I will feel connected to it in my soul for the rest of my days. It’s hard to explain unless — until, I hope — you visit yourself. So, though we knew it was coming, Nelson Mandela’s death last week struck a chord. He was an amazing man who lived an extraordinary life.

In South Africa, so much is still about Mandela. His history lives in every place, he’s mentioned in every conversation, his spirit and his legacy influence every experience. We missed Robben Island, where Mandela was incarcerated, due to bad weather, but we were able to visit the Apartheid Museum that tells his story so vividly and walk down Vilakazi Street in Soweto where he grew up. At the news last week, I couldn’t help but think of the people of South Africa, especially those who told us they feared the day Mandela died — of what losing their spiritual leader and figurative father would do to their country. So I will watch and pray this week as the world officially says goodbye, hoping for peace and healing there.

All day long I think of things I want to share with you, but as you know … I don’t actually get around to doing it. It’s been a busy fall, though. Something about the cool, October sunshine inspires me to accomplish major life and bucket list events. This year was no different. In the last three months I climbed a mountain, learned more about pieces of my family history, stuffed my face with a bunch of famous people and spent some good quality time with friends, family and Oliver. Someday I may be able to document it here, but until then you can keep up to date on my life and times over on Instagram. That’s the only arena in which I don’t suck at staying in touch. Seriously, the only one.

You’re probably well aware that TV and I are best friends. So in my few spare moments lately, I’ve been bingeing on stored up episodes. I really thought they pull out all the stops and save the OMG moments for November sweeps, but we’re well into December. And have you been watching? Scandal! The Good Wife! Homeland! The Mentalist! Even The Mindy Project, Elementary, Nashville have been especially on their game. Well done, TV writers, well done. I respect you and your smart, clever TV.

If I miss saying this in the next few weeks, know that I hope there’s a wonderful Christmas and festive entry into 2014 in your future. Sending love, thanks and best wishes to all.

Have a good week, kids.


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