Monday Musings: On weddings, childhood reading and lips.

Happy Monday to you.

I went to a wedding this weekend in Greenville, S.C., a place I’d been through — maybe even slept in — but never really explored. It was a blast. Picture a bunch of north-of-30-year-olds who think they have the stamina (and livers) of 22-year-olds. That’s all I’ll say. But the town is a find. It’s cute and quaint and walkable, with a proper main street actually called “Main Street.” It’s also a foodie town — every restaurant, even the burger joint on the corner, was phenomenal. I don’t know why I haven’t been more often.

Last week, I read that one of my childhood idols, E.L. Konigsberg, passed away. I hadn’t thought of her in years, but the news still made me take pause. Her book “From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler,” was one of my favorites growing up. I don’t remember much more than two kids running away and camping out in the Met Museum in NYC, but I know I loved it. Right up there with “Have You Seen Hyacinth Macaw?” and “The Westing Game.” I need to own and re-read all of those again, I think.

Speaking of childhood books, my book club group just finished reading “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.” Eerily enough, the narrator was a freshman in high school at the exact time in the 1990s I was, though we enjoyed vastly different experiences. Vastly. I know it’s a book with a message, but every single angsty teen after-school special topic is thrown in. Just name one. It’s there, promise. Though we mostly thought the book was okay, I wonder if it resonates more with teenagers who read it. Like “Go Ask Alice” left its imprint on me in school.

Any “Scandal” watchers out there? I am, of course. Last week’s episode (Huck’s backstory), was a bonding thread of conversation over the weekend. It basically went like this:

“Ohhh, do you watch Scandal???”


“Oh. my. gosh. Did you watch last week’s episode!?!”

“Seven fifty-two!”

“I know! Totally!”

I’m so relieved when I hear that other people think the same random thoughts or notice the same eccentricities as I do. We all agreed that Kerry Washington’s lips have a life of their own. They are incredibly expressive, especially when Olivia is in her tortured love state talking to Fitz. I mean, they should have their own Twitter account, Olivia Pope’s lips. Maybe they already do.

Have a good week, all.


One thought on “Monday Musings: On weddings, childhood reading and lips.

  1. Nancy Scheider says:

    So glad you had a great trip! Let’s plan a long weekend from your house to Greenville on to Atlanta. Still need to see the Atlanta aquarium & maybe a Braves or Falcons game!!

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