Making God laugh.

Pardon this interruption in the middle of the London recap, but I heard the best story today.

For the past two months I’ve been training to take over duties for a coworker while she’s out on maternity leave. We are kindred souls in that she’s a details person and a planner just like me, though she might take organization and scheduling to a whole new level. In the middle of our training sessions, we’d stop to chat about her daughter-to-be, Kayla, and all the cute gifts and clothes she’d just received at ¬†another baby shower. As the due date approached, the nursery was painted lavender, the toys were cataloged and the pink onesies and polka dot sundresses were arranged in the closet … everything in place to await Kayla’s arrival.

I was a little worried that my coworker would go into labor while I was in London, but Kayla decided to be late. She was born on Wednesday night, which is joyous news … except that she is a boy, and her name is Michael. With all of our prenatal technology in 2012, including multiple exams and ultrasounds — even in 3-D! — it turns out that we can still be surprised in life.

My mom always says that if you want to make God laugh, go ahead and make your own plans. Well, I think he got a big belly rumbler out of this one.

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