The end of an Empire.

Beware, this post contains my cheap analysis of last night’s “Boardwalk Empire,” rife with spoilers.

I want to like “Boardwalk Empire.” I really, really do, since you know I’m a sucker for beautiful, stylized, compelling television. I want to like it so much that I’ve been reading recaps and tv journalists’ analysis from all viewpoints to convince me that it’s worth it. I mean, Gawker says it’s a letdown; the LA Times says it’s perfect as it is.

Despite my reservations, I’ve loyally tuned in every week, and was even excited for last night’s season finale. But like all the other shows, I was left feeling kind of empty and confused. It’s like something’s missing that I just can’t put my finger on …

Everyone seems to love Steve Buscemi as Nucky, but I find him miscast. He’s almost too nice — someone said passive, and that’s it. He’s basically a gangster, but he’s not menacing enough when he needs to be. He’s a limp fish, so I don’t understand why his ward bosses are enamored by him or why any of them follow him. The LA Times says it’s because Mr. Buscemi is not attractive, and being shallow, we expect our heroes (or anti-heroes) to be beautiful. I get that, but he’s also not charismatic — he doesn’t feel like a leader to whom people would flock. Keep reading »


Student of history.

I was a history major for half a second in college, in between business and journalism. Like any college student trying to figure it all out, I was drawn to what I enjoyed more than what I could make a career of. Then my dad asked what I was actually planning to do with a history degree, and pragmatism won out. To finish the history program, I would have had to take the seminar class, where I’d write a (90-page?) thesis on some topic of history throughout time. I’m pretty disappointed that I never made it that far, since I do enjoy writing a good, long research paper.

Warped, I know.

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