Maybe we rushed into this.

Oh, Betty Draper, I do love thee. I know that’s not a popular opinion, but I just do. And I enjoy the episodes of Mad Men more when she’s in them … maybe I identify with icy, detached, petulant ennui.

(Kidding. I think.)

I also truly enjoy January Jones as Betty Draper. Despite her disastrous turn on SNL, I think she’s brilliant in her portrayal of the ’60s desperate housewife. She’s trapped in the social norms of one decade as the world is moving through drastic societal change in the next. In one of his interviews (or maybe it’s on the DVD commentary), Matthew Weiner said she gave a mesmerizing audition and that she brought the childlike characteristics to Betty; he didn’t write her that way. So I feel for JJ when everyone attacks her ability.

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