Monday Musings: On Girl Scouts and lookalikes.

Just a few thoughts rumbling around on a Monday morning:


When did Girl Scout cookies go generic? Not Samoas, but “Caramel deLites.” Not Tagalongs, but “Peanut Butter Patties.” Not Dosidos, but “Peanut Butter Sandwich” cookies. Thank goodness for Thin Mints, keeping it real.

Is it me or does Rooney Mara strongly resemble Kate Middleton?

Beyonce = Fierce.

I watched the premiere of F/X’s “The Americans” this weekend. Matthew Rhys? Love. Keri Russell? Love love. “The Americans”? Eh.

Happy birthday to Gavin DeGraw.

I’m visiting San Antonio in a few weeks. Anyone been? What should I not miss? You know I can’t get on the plane until I have a list of places to see and things to eat.


7 thoughts on “Monday Musings: On Girl Scouts and lookalikes.

  1. Hello! Totally agree about the Girl Scout cookies. My big gripe with them though is that they haven’t made a gluten-free thin mint yet.

    San Antonio is a great city! You should pretty much spend every meal eating Mexican food, drinking margarhitas and eating Mexican pastries. Even though it’s touristy, spend time on the river walk. It’ll be really cool and pretty this time of the year. Go to the Alamo and take a tour. It has amazing history, and the tour guides are volunteers who love Texas thaaaat much. Oh and go to the big Mexican street market. And then stop in Oklahoma on your way home and visit me!

    • You’re right about gluten-free. Get with the program, Girl Scouts! And thanks for your San Antonio recommendations — that’s exactly how I plan to pass my time there!

  2. Ann Young says:

    I actually know the answer about the Girl Scout cookies…apparently a few years ago, they had to move production of the cookies to a new company and because of trademarks or copyright or something, they had to rename all the cookies because of the new manufactorers. HA! Useless knowledge, I know!

  3. Have you seen/tried those Nestle Crunch Girl Scout flavors? I don’t usually like NC so don’t remember what it’s really like ordinarily but these seem different. They’re wafer cookie bars in the style of the Girl Scout cookies. I’ve only had the Thin Mint and Samoa (sorry no Caramel deLite in my world) flavors but I liked them a lot.

    • Are those like the Edy’s ice cream flavors that take “inspiration” from GS cookies? Nope, haven’t had or seen them but I’ll let you know if I do. I’ve seen some promising homemade recipes on Pinterest, so I may try to bake my own someday!

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