Something to look forward to!

Ten years ago this summer I was in London to celebrate a milestone birthday and revel in the Queen’s Golden Jubilee, her 50 years on the throne. Well, it’s that time again — another milestone birthday, another jubilee.

Since I’ve had a lot of downtime as of late, my calendar for the year is frighteningly wide open. But now I can officially add an event, and a travel event at that — I’ll be in London to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee (and, oh yeah, my birthday) this June.

I can also mark the occasion as the first trip I’ve ever taken solo, or OYOBNA as they say. My go-to travel partner, other friends and my family were too noncommittal and this trip was important enough that I refused to let it just go by. I’ve lived in NYC, I’ve traveled the globe, I’ve even flown internationally by myself before, so why should I miss out?

The truth is that I’m kind of excited to go by myself — to explore what I want to do, on my schedule, at my pace. If I want to get up at 4 a.m. to snag the best parade route spot for gawking at royals, I’m gonna, without complaints, snide remarks or sleepyheads to annoy or slow me down. I can bask in my obsession completely unadulterated.

I do have family and (distant) friends in London, so I won’t totally be adrift in a foreign city. And they do speak English — heck, I even speak some British. It may be uncomfortable at times, but shouldn’t be debilitating. I hope.

Now the planning commences, and that part I enjoy almost as much as the travel and sightseeing. I should fit a West End show in somewhere, and a London Walk, and I want to make time for a day trip … especially to Highclere Castle, a.k.a. “Downton Abbey.” I mean, I will have come all that way.

So, stay tuned for another travelogue this summer that will highlight, I’m sure, all of my hijinks in grand detail. I’m thrilled, and it’s so nice to have something to look forward to.


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