A year in the life.

I need to pause for a moment in the middle of the (incredibly slowly told) South Africa story to mark a grand occasion in my life. Today, Oliver is 1!

It has to be true that people who own dogs are happier and live longer. Since O joined my household in March I’ve received markedly less sleep, but I’ve also laughed, loved and even socialized more. It took me three years to meet any of my neighbors, but I know them all now only because of the little man. Dogs bring folks together. Kumbaya.

So, here’s to you, Ollie, on your first birthday. You certainly have made my life more full and interesting this year. In celebration, let’s take a look back at a year in your life.


Not much bigger than the rope toy.


First visit to camp.


Spoiled and sleepy.


First haircut. We both really hated the bandana.


Hanging out with his buddy McGregor at camp.


Tuckered out.


At work with mom, tuckered out again.


Hangin' at home.


Out for a walk, his favorite thing.

(Also note my new, fancy camera! (1st and last shots) It makes even my photos look good. Hooray!)


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