She’s an astronaut.

I don’t plan to make a habit of recapping every Mad Men episode, since I realize not many of you (none?) share my obsession. But here are just a few observations from this week:

  • I’m not even going to address the Miss-Blankenship-drops-dead-at-her-desk gag.
  • Although I did enjoy the, “It starts with an L.”-“The hell it does.” exchange.
  • How many red dresses does Joan own??
  • I think I hate Dr. Faye.
  • What the heck did Abe’s manifesto say? Did I miss that?
  • I will share a cherry cheesecake with Roger anytime.
  • My bet’s on Megan as Mrs. Draper #2. (Or is it technically #3?)

I read some encouraging news this morning that means I’m probably not alone in my adoration: “Studies show “Mad Men” is the most involving.” Thank goodness.


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