It’s about that time.

This has always been my favorite time of year. The hot summer is fading into fall … but most importantly, it’s Fall TV Premiere season!

I’m such a nerd that I usually print out the fall schedule calendar, buy the TV Guide preview edition, read up on all the new shows, then dutifully program my DVR. I revel in it.

(I don’t yet recall all the stress the DVR causes me later as it inches toward 100% capacity.)

I was rambling on the other night to my mom about my love of (obsession with, let’s be real) television. I’m sure I was on another Mad Men rant about how brilliant! complex! masterfully plotted! genius! that show is. After she finished rolling her eyes, she reminded me that I’ve been obsessed with television forever. True to form, one of my earliest memories is of the HBO “starship” intro, where the camera flies through the city and then into space and over the HBO logo.

That opening ran on HBO in the early days and became truly iconic. HBO still uses a version of it today. I must have watched so much HBO when I was seven because that’s where Fraggle Rock aired. Ah, Gobo. My first crush.

Mom was referring specifically to my adoration of a little show called Twin Peaks. Yes, I was in middle school, probably a little too young to be interested in a show about a murder. When my dad and I visited Seattle in 1992, we drove out to Snoqualmie Falls. My principal even called my parents when they found me with with Laura Palmer’s diary at school. I guess that was taboo, but I don’t think my parents were alarmed. I wasn’t skinning cats on the weekend, and I’ve turned out (relatively) normal.

A love for TV can healthy – it’s a medium for education and expanding your world view, as well as for entertainment. I’d love to work in programming, since I’m passionate about finding quality shows, but I’m also captivated by the business side. Perhaps someday.

This year, I’m pretty behind on my TV schedule planning. I did print the calendar, but I’m wholly uninformed about the shows, even those with plenty of buzz. Since last season, I said goodbye to Lost (sniff), Damages (moved to DirecTV) and countless others I’ve already forgotten about. But I’m looking forward to what’s returning. Yes, I’m a Gleek. Also Grey’s Anatomy, The Good Wife, Life Unexpected, HIMYM, The Office. Ooh, and the final season of Friday Night Lights, which we’ll see eventually. I still laugh about the full glass of wine episode on Cougar Town. That show is hilarious.

For the new ones to watch, I implicitly trust TV bloggers Michael Ausiello and Kristin Dos Santos. Kristin says we have to watch Nikita (scheduling conflict), The Event (totally), No Ordinary Family (eh), Running Wilde (yay, Keri Russell).

Let’s not forget about Boardwalk Empire on HBO. That looks sooo good.

We have a busy couple of weeks ahead! Let me know what you discover.


One thought on “It’s about that time.

  1. jessica says:

    I’m a total Gleek too! Don’t you think they need to do a Rent episode? Or at least a song from Rent? Or at least have Taye Diggs as a guest star? Or at least Taye Diggs with no shirt? These are all good ideas. I hope Ryan Murphy reads this blog.

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