Dipping a toe.

I’ve started a blog.

I really never thought I’d say that. I’ve been very anti-blog for a long time, considering it a quite self-indulgent exercise and pretty narcissistic to think anyone cares what I’d have to say.

But then I took a class this summer called “Creative Connections,” which allowed – even encouraged – me to explore different creative outlets. Our first class was a writing workshop that made me write something different than a news article or a press release for the first time in, oh, 15 years. I took more writing classes, and read books by writers about their craft. Both Anne Lamott and Brenda Ueland told me it was necessary … if it’s in me, I need to write, and what I have to say really is unique and interesting. Heck, everyone has something unique and interesting to say.

Okay,  okay.

So, this blog may never see the light of day. Or you may be reading this many months (years?) after it’s posted … when or if I get up the gumption to tell others about it. See, I’m an only child. I never really learned to share.

The point is that I’m trying – to harness my creativity, learn to share it with the world and let the muse come and sit on my shoulder, at least for 10 minutes every week.



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